About Us

Ross Hopper Container Hire

Ross Hopper Container Hire stared when Ross purchased his first shipping container in 1995.  It didn't take long for local builders to notice it and realise how handy it would be to have container storage on a building site.  The container storage side of things just grew and grew.

Ross Hopper and his wife Sally are entrepreneurs and manage a number of thriving business interests - with the help of their dedicated team.


Not long after purchasing the first container, Ross became a depot for Claytons Towing.  He was able to use this towtruck to relocate the empty and loaded shipping containers.

Maleny Dairies

Ross' Dad, Harold, has a dairy farm in Maleny.  The deregulation of the milk industry has had a huge negative impact on the farmers, many have not survived.  Harold was thinking of giving up farming, but together with Ross, and other son Keith, and daughter Kay, decided to fight back and build a Milk Processing Plant and sell their own brand of milk.  Hence Maleny Dairies. 

Water Deliveries

The water deliveries started in response to a long dry spell on the Sunshine Coast hinterland.  We were carting water for our factory, and like all small towns, people started to hear about it.  We were able to utilize the milk tanker, as it was only needed for milk a few hours a day.

Ross Hopper.com Pty Ltd currently employs 23 staff.

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