Container Hire Maroochydore

Container Storage Solutions

Storage Containers for Householders

Container Hire Maroochydore offers great storage solutions for householders.

Whether you have too much 'stuff' to fit into the family home or garage or whether you are moving house, we can help.

We offer you flexibility – we can bring the storage container to you and you can locate it on your property, or we can store it in our secure container yard. Either way, you will have 24 hour a day access to your belongings.

For those who are moving, our service is very affordable and very convenient. We bring the container to your front door. You fill it with your belongings – which is easy because it’s at ground level. And when you are ready you call us to pick it up and take it to your new home – or to our storage yard if your new house isn’t ready.

Container Hire Maroochydore – Onsite Work Storage

Container Hire Maroochydore already supplies many businesses in the Maroochydore area with onsite work storage containers. We began primarily supplying containers to building sites and large projects but many smaller businesses now use our containers as onsite work storage containers.

Some businesses even use container/s for permanent or long term use. In these cases the container can be custom fitted with benches, shelves and other site specific modifications.  Shipping containers can even be used as a lunch room or converted to an onsite office.