Shipping Container Rentals - FAQ's

How do I prepare a space to locate my shipping container?

Have four blocks ready for your shipping container to sit on.  This helps look after the shipping container but also allows air flow around the container which keeps your goods cooler.


Do I require a special plug for refrigerated shipping containers?

Refrigerated shipping containers require 2 and 3 phase power. Make sure you have the right plugs/sockets and leads for your refrigerated storage container to work.


How many shipping containers can you deliver at one time?

One or two empty shipping containers can be delivered at one time.


How do you unload the shipping containers?

The tilt tray lowers the shipping container at a slight angle and the truck slowly moves forward and gently lowers the storage container down. Minimal jarring occurs. We have a purpose built hydraulic ram, that pushes the shippping container to the back of the tray as shown.


Unloading a shipping container

What is the minimum time I can hire a shipping container?

The minimum shipping container hire term is 28 days.

What is the maximum time I can hire a shipping container ?

There is no maximum hire term for shipping container rentals. As long as your account is up to date you can have the storage container indefinitely.

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