Terms and Conditions


“Subject to and pursuant to Hire-purchase Act 1959” 


1.1 The responsibility of the container by the Hirer commences as from the commencement of hire date.

1.2 The hirer agrees to accept full responsibility for any loss or damage to the above mentioned container whilst on hire. If the container suffers any damage, however occurring or if the container is lost or stolen during the hire period, the owner shall be entitled to recover from the hirer the costs of repair or replacement of the container as a liquidated debt.  The hirer shall undertake regular inspections of the container and shall immediately notify the owner should there is any loss or damage to the container during the period of the hire.

1.3 The hirer agrees that he will not move or cause to be moved the above mentioned container/s from the place at which it was delivered without first obtaining the written permission of the owner.  Relocations are to be carried out by the owner and/or its agent only.


2.1  Upon termination of hiring, the hirer shall forthwith remove all goods from the container and ensure the container is clean and empty.  Should the hirer fail to do so, the hirer hereby appoints the owner or their agents to do so.  

2.2 On termination of hire, the hirer agrees to ensure the owner or his agent has reasonable access for a vehicle for the purpose of loading the container/s referred to in this agreement.  As a result of the hirer not providing reasonable access to the container or due to wet weather and the access not being sealed, the hirer shall reimburse the owner for any additional expenses (e.g.  Crane Hire) incurred in the pick up of the container at the termination of the hire.   A minimum fee of $110.00 will be charged should the container not be available for collection on the arranged date. 

2.3  The hirer hereby authorises the owner at it’s option to remove any goods from the container and place such goods at the site from which the container is collected by the owner or any other premises apparently occupied by the hirer or to sell such goods and apply the proceeds to the payment of any charges due by the hirer to the owner.  The owner shall be entitled to retain any surplus proceeds of such sale absolutely.  The hirer warrants that only goods owned by the hirer will be stored in the container hired.


3.1 The hirer hereby irrevocable authorises the owner to enter upon property occupied by the hirer OR wherever notified by the hirer that the container is stored, for the purpose of removal of the container/s leased to the hirer empty or loaded.  The owner accepts no liability for any damage to the container/s or to goods in loaded container/s in so doing should the following occur:-

i.  The hirer defaults in payment of any monies which become due and owing to the owner.  Payment of hire fee monies to be one (1) month in advance at all times to the owner.

ii. Should any circumstances arrive whereby the owner’s interest in the container/s may be jeopardized. 

iii. Should authorities (ie Council, landlord) request the container/s to be removed from property.

3.2 The hirer hereby indemnifies the owner in respect of all claims or costs which may be made by any third party arising out of any action taken by the owner pursuant to sub-clauses 2.2 and 3.1.


Insurance of the contents of the container/s is the responsibility of the hirer.  The owner shall not be responsible, whether in negligence or otherwise, for loss or damage or deterioration of any goods stored in the containers, howsoever caused.


5.1 The hirer must give a credit card number when hiring the container.

5.2 Payment must be kept one month in advance at all times either by direct debit, cash payment or credit card (2% surcharge).  An overdue account fee of 15% of the total outstanding monies will be incurred for late payments over 28 days.

5.3 Any account being overdue by over 2 months will be automatically deducted from the credit card.

5.4 The hirer needs to ring the owner on the day that the container is off hire – clean and empty. The hirer will pay rent up until the day it is called offhire.

5.5 The hirer must call the owner immediately to advise if in extreme financial difficulty to organize a payment plan.


Replacement cost of 10’ and 20’ General Purpose container is approx $A4000.00.  Replacement cost of Insulated container is approx $A4000.00


$110.00 minimum (if container has been called off hire but is not available when the driver goes to pick it up.)


Please signify your acceptance of this agreement by signing and returning this agreement before delivery of container/s.  Failure to sign the agreement deems the owner to enforce the above terms at its own discretion.